Southeast Asia 101

The Asia Times comprises written news and cover all of the continents of Asia. All countries that are located on the Asian continent are part of it. But it has also subdivisions so that topics could be found easily. There are trending topics and they were categorized into China or Southeast Asia area or the Northeast Asia part or India or South Asia. The online newspaper has to arrange its content and so you can see this on their page for easy access to what are you looking for.

Southeast Asia is comprised of countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, West Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and the Eastern part of the country of India. This is the countries that are located on the mainland that is part of the Southeast Asia continent. The countries that are located in the maritime area are Singapore, Philippines, East of Malaysia, The Islands of Andaman and Nicobar which belong to India, Brunie, Taiwan, East Timor, Indonesia, and Cocos Islands. This is all part of Southeast Asia.

News about them could then be found on the Southeast Asia part in the website of the company. You can navigate easily and you can also share news you find there in the social media. It is now normal to find blogs or any content on the internet that could be shared through the social media with one click. Sometimes, these methods create problems because when articles or writings not verified of their credibility could be circulated throughout the world causing misinformation.